Environmental Sustainability

Weed and Insect Resistance Management

Weed & Insect Resistance Management

  • Tom Farms is constantly implementing the newest and safest chemistries to use.
  • Our fields and surrounding area are routinely scouted and accessed for the best possible timing and need of applications.
  • Research plots and other test strips are used to evaluate the potential use of chemicals and techniques.
  • Weed management is a high priority.
  • Integrated Pest Management Practices (IPM) is used to obtain the best and most cost effective results.
Irrigation Management

Irrigation Management

  • Irrigation uniformity is periodically tested.
  • Tom Farms uses this to correct irrigation issues.
  • Pivot monitoring systems are used to help catch breakdowns quickly so problems can be fixed and normal operation restored.
  • Water meters some times are used in conjunction with the pivot monitors to give Tom Farms a tool in scheduling the watering.
  • Hands-on moisture checking happens to help make sure we are supplying the right amount of water to field.
  • Plant growth stage, soil type, evapotranspiration rates, and weather data are all used to make irrigation decisions.
Erosion Control

Erosion Control

  • Many different methods are used to control erosion due to wind and water.
  • Applications of winter wheat as a cover crop are used to hold soil together and allow better water penetration.
  • Reduced tillage methods and no-till are a part of our overall program.
  • Irrigation management after planting can be used to control wind erosion.
Fertility Management

Fertility Management

  • Bi-annual soil testing is done to determine fertility and pH.
  • Fertility needs are determined on crop usage.
  • Yield potential is used to determine how much of each nutrient to use in a season.
  • In-season leaf samples and satellite nitrate monitoring determines if more or less fertility may be needed during the season.
  • Attention is paid to leave the fertility of the soil as good, if not better, than when we first rented the farm.